A5 Configure Domain Name (GoDaddy)

Update April 2014:  
  • This page is getting out of date.  
  • The process is getting more complicated.
  • As shown in the "zone file" in Figure 2, in additional to the "ghs.google.com" line shown, you also have to 2nd line, containing a long complicated verification text 'string' something like "gv-tzijfg6uvi4f6dmmwf6ftmu53utmq7s25qaq5ohiwuaafww4duhk.domainverify.googlehosted.com"

{I had GoDaddy review this page on 5/26/2012, to verify it was correct}
{This page updated 8/13/2012}
The GoDaddy page shown below, will make the entry in the GoDaddy "Zone File" (shown in Figure 2 below).
Alternately, you can edit the Zone File yourself.
THIS LINK should take you to the below GoDaddy page; you need to be signed into your GoDaddy account to access it.

Or . . . You can USE THIS LINK to view the Blogger help page that gets you to this page.  You need to select "Host my blog on a URL that I already own", and then select the "Yes" box, to the question "Is your URL hosted by GoDaddy.com?".

Figure 1 -  This GoDaddy page will automatically update the DNS records.

Figure 2 - Shows entry in GoDaddy's "Zone File".  If you use the web page shown above in Figure 1, that page will make this entry for you.  Alternately, you can manually edit the zone file yourself, to add the "ghs.google.com" entry.

Update: 8/13/2012: You don't need this next step anymore.  You can "handle the 'www' in Blogger.
Figure 3 - This forwards "BilltownWeb.com" to "www.BilltownWeb.com".  I.e., it adds the "www" if someone has not typed it.

Note: The above 3 screen captures are for what I needed to do with GoDaddy.com  The following 2 screen captures show what I had to do with Blogger.


Figure 4 - This is where I "tell" Blogger to use this site for "BilltownWeb.com".

Figure 5 - This shows the actual entries used.

Figure 6 - added 8/13/2012 
This is for a different domain (added later).  It shows the Blogger screen where you configure it so it works without the "www." being typed in the address window.