2B. Non-Blogger Examples

1. Why Blogger:
  • I've lately been building most of these sites on Blogger, since:
  • (a) Multiple User IDs:  They allow multiple user IDs for the website, which means the owner can have one or more login IDs, and I can have my own login ID to assist them with editing.  When they no longer need my assistance, they reduce my privileges or remove my privileges entirely.
  • (b) Lesser privilege "Authors IDs:  Lesser privilege "authors" can edit only pages created by themselves, or create a new page. I.e. they cannot do any serious damage. This is good for inexperienced people, or people whom you just want to "limit" their access.
  • (c) They allow you to easily BACK UP the website to a ".xml" file.
  • (d) The blogs have the financial backing of Google -- i.e. more stability hopefully.  Blogger is not constantly badgering you to "upgrade to paid premium membership" like the others.
  • (e) They don't limit the number of websites you can build.  Weebly limits you to two, and Yola limits you to five.
2. DISadvantages of Using Blogger:
  • Blogger keeps getting more COMPLICATED.  As of early 2012, they are trying to force us to use Google+, which makes everything more confusing.
  • Spam Problems:  They have great problems with "Spam Blogs".  This causes blogs of legitimate users to sometimes be "reviewed and deleted as Spam".  This has now happened to me twice.  Getting the blog "restored" is a frustrating process.
  • Difficult to Communicate With: You cannot call Blogger support people, you cannot even email them.  Instead, you have to post your problem in a "product forum", and hope someone monitoring the forum deems your problem worth of being forwarded on to tthe support people.

3. Examples - Other Options - Weebly.com
4. Examples - Other Options - Yola.com
5. More Options
  • See the "More Info" page on the old Billtown Web site on Yola.
  • Googling phrases similar to "best place to build an inexpensive web page" or "best place to build a free web page" should produce lot of results.