5 Yahoo

Summary:  We have set up a free Yahoo group, where LOCAL Williamsport-area webmasters  can discuss issues relating to their web pages.

A. To Join:

Email me your name, city of residence, and contact phone number.

To be "eligibile",   you MUST be somewhere near the local Williamsport Pennsylvania area . . . or be someone I have talked to and am familiar with.

((Normally you can join a Yahoo group simply by sending a "blank" email to a subscribe address.  But since this group will probably be a small group, I want more control over who joins it.))

B. Two Things To Remember

Your email address is safe.  The only person who sees it is me, when I put it in the database.

You can leave the group ("unsubscribe" yourself) any time you want.  You do this by sending a "blank" email (no subject, no body) to BilltownWeb-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com .

Reference Info

C. Overview of How A Yahoo Group Works:
  • Whenever a member sends a message to a Yahoo group, a copy of that message is sent to all members.  (Sort of like sending a letter to the editor of your newspaper; everybody subscribing to the paper gets a copy of it.)
  • Whenever a message is sent, the Yahoo group automatically makes a "web page archive" for that message.  The archives can be set to be either private (members only) or public.  For this group, they are public.
  • The email addresses of the members is safe and hidden in the Yahoo database.  Only the groups "moderator" can access it.
  • A member can "unsubscribe" any time that they want to leave the group.

D. For More Info About Yahoo Groups:   

You can watch the Video #3, About Yahoo Groups , or browse Yahoo's Groups Help Pages, or browse the Track2.com web page 'About Yahoo Groups'.

E. Browsing Previous Messages:

You can browse previous messages in the Yahoo group, by going to the BilltownWeb Yahoo Group home page, and clicking the "Messages" link in the left side bar.